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Kimmie Horne / August 2016

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KIMMIE HORNE, cousin of the legendary songstress and Movie icon Lena Horne, is endowed with a voice which recalls great ladies of jazz, blues and R&B, Kimmie Horne has the lucid phrasing of Dinah Washington; the passion of Sarah Vaughn; and the smoky sophistication of Phyllis Hyman. She is both an outstanding vocalist and enchanting performer who take’s audiences on journeys from jazz to pop to R&B. 

A native Detroiter, Kimmie Horne is considered by many to be one of the most outstanding Performer & Recording Artist to emerge from this area in years! Her beautiful alto voice coupled with her unmatched ability to perform and entertain puts her in a category of her own.

Having been compared to such legendary artist as, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne, Kimmie’s performances revitalizes their collective spirits. She has the sass of Shirley Bassey, the sensuous whisper of Sade, the octane drive of Josephine Baker and the sultry jazz interpretations of the great ones like Phyllis Hyman, Nina Simone.

“Betty Carter (another famous jazz singer from Detroit) was my inspiration to get into jazz,” said Horne. “She encouraged me to know what the song’s story is and approach it as if it were mine. She came to several of my shows.

Horne also greatly admires Sarah Vaughan, Phyllis Hyman, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and Marian Anderson. “These five ladies exude vocal richness, clarity in telling a story through warm, beautiful, heartfelt tones and impeccable phrasing that still leaves me breathless,” said Horne.

Kimmie Horne, an absolute "bronze" beauty, has the cache' that puts her in the league of other stellar ladies of the stage. On and off stage, Kimmie’s smoldering sensuality serves proof, "that if, indeed there were a "Queen of Contemporary Jazz", Kimmie Horne would be her!

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