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The purpose of this page is to clarify some events that took place in the past, including having lost contact with old acquaintances and to update and to bring back to life events or details of events lost in time (I intend to write a book). Although I am better known as Carli Muñoz, I will include some alternate spelling and common errors in the spelling of my name for the purpose of this research.

Carli Muñoz, AKA Carli, Carlie, Carly and Carlos Muñoz or Munoz. 

Here you will find situations, specific questions and also names and/or clues about persons, places and events that will hopefully trigger some answers and replies.

I will also welcome and appreciate any story from anyone not mentioned here, that I may have had any association with in the past.



Information leading to:

"The Game": a small seminar/actors workshop that took place in Hollywood California, in the late 1970's. I participated in the seminar in around (1977-78). This seminar/workshop used EST like confrontation and imaginary situations and it was continuously videotaped. Although highly effective for personal growth, it was probably short lived.

Information leading to old friend:

Someone by the name of MaryAnn Huzway, or possibly Hathaway; a former TWA flight attendant during the mid to late 60's, maybe '66, '67 and '68. She lived in an apartment complex in Woodside, NY, just across the 59th Street Bridge in NYC. I was her roommate for some time and there were several other roommates (all were young ladies) sharing the apartment at the time. One of the roommates married a mortician.

Information leading to:

Life in Mt. Washington ( Los Angeles , California ) in the early 70's. I was living then on a house on a hill side on 1600 Cliff Drive , where I constructed a recording studio with a view of the mountains and the city (LA). Many great musicians from surrounding areas including Highland Park , Eagle Rock, Glendale and Pasadena , Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley visited my studio for recordings and for the jam sessions that sometimes lasted until the next morning. I am specifically interested in recalling the names and contacting some of the local jazz musicians that I knew at the time; some of them were Chicanos, such as the great guitarist Tommy Trujillo who used to perform on tour with Charles Lloyd. I would particularly like to recall the name of a great Chicano jazz trumpet player from Highland Park who came to the jams at my house a few times. There was talk then that Miles Davis used to sneak to go hear this guy play whenever he was in town!

There was also a winery (The Winery) down by the train yard on the foothill of Mt. Washington that had jazz jam sessions every Sunday afternoon. I met some great player there. There was often a horn player by the name of Bunk Gardner, San Provenzano on drums and Potter Smith on contrabass among others. I also recall a young oriental lady that played violin. I think that Duke McVinnie and possibly Reggie Workman also participated in those sessions.

Information leading to:

A drummer by the name of Mel, I don't recall his last name, but he was one of the first musicians that I met and played with in LA in the early 1970's. Mel was tall and thin, at the time he had black medium long hair and he lived with his wife in the Valley; I think North Hollywood . I believe he knew and had played with the local LA musicians Wolfgang Melz, Bill Plummer, Smithy Smith and Lynn Blessing. Sam Provenzano, who at the time lived also in Mt. Washington , is another such drummer that I would like to contact.

Information leading to old friend:

Originally from Pittsburg , I met Rags Baker roaming about my group "Your Own Space", mid 70's LA, while doing gigs around town. He was (or is) a singer/pianist/composer who befriended my musicians to form a performing band of his own. He was very talented and we ended up being very good friends and collaborators (he wrote the lyrics) to some of my songs.

Note: I am sad to be informed that Rags Baker passed away

some time ago - My deep condolences to all his loved ones.

Information leading to old friend:

Michael Elsey (film director/writer "Citizen Soldier"), LA, California , identical twin brother to Dennis Elsey (movie producer). Michael and I wrote a script together in addition to a long friendship and lost contact.

Note: I am sad to be informed that Michael Elsey passed away

on February 10, 1996 - My deep condolences to all his loved ones.

Looking to hear from anyone familiar with:

The NYC hippie scene in 1967-69 -- people that knew or experienced the band I was a member of at the time, "The Living End" AKA " Space"; a rock group from Puerto Rico that played as house band at the club "Scott Mooney's Rolling Stone" on 48th.Street and 2nd Ave., and on occasions, at "The Wagon Wheel" in NYC. Some other places were; during the summer in Hampton Beach "The Castaways" and other clubs in Long Beach , Long Island and upstate NY. Some people related to the NYC scene at the time and who were hanging out with us were singer Kenny Rankin, a conga player who later belonged to the group Spiro Gyra and whose name I forgot, and a pair of knockout blond (lesbian) twins who lived around mid 30th street west, and threw lots of wild parties. I cooked for 50 guests at one of the parties (I hope that everyone is still alive!).

Looking to hear from anyone familiar with:

St. Thomas in 1966-67 -- The band I was in St. Thomas was called " The Living End ". This was the period right after The Mamas and the Papas were living in the island. Two local guys by the name of Tutsi and Mario used to hang out with us; they took us to the small island, Jost Van Dyke, to meet Foxy (story published on this site on Liners, Stories, etc., "Caribbean Sunshine"). There were many other people around the band. We originally went to St. Thomas hired to participate in the opening of a new club at Duffy's Hotel in Charlotte Amalie at Creeque's Alley, but the fire department stopped the construction just short of its completion. Then we were kicked out of the hotel. We ended up renting a big old space and there we opened our own club. After several month of chaos, there were fights, especially with black marines because one of the guys in the band, Jorge Calderon, had a black girlfriend, Tessy Coen, who was the band's lead singer and conga player. The rest of us were white (by St. Thomas standards) and at the time there were major racial tensions in the island.

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