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Carli's Fine Bistro & Piano

Carli's is a continuous life's celebration....

Every single night at Carli's we start anew. It is a great feeling that is shared amongst all of the staff and owners, and it goes beyond. We have very often obtained feedback from our visitors that they experience that same newness time after time. As for me, I personally look forward to every night I come in to play the piano - it is a magical experience for me every single time that I hope to share with you!


“Life is precious… and every day is a celebration,” exclaimed Carli Muñoz, the owner and pianist in residence of Carli’s Fine Bistro & Piano. “At Carli’s every day is totally unique and never just another day,” continues Muñoz.

There is an anecdote about Muñoz and his percussionist Felipe Fournier, as told by Muñoz and Fournier, where Fournier asks him just before they start playing: “What song are we going to play?” and Carli responded: “It’s too early to know…" 'then milliseconds later Carli is already into a song – totally unexpected, but connected with the moment,' continues Fournier. “That is a reflection of what Carli’s is about – the moment; the groundwork has already been laid out, so what remains important is the flow”, explains Muñoz. That “flow” is certainly present at Carli’s. I can only express the joy of being at Carli’s as total elation: from the moment that I was greeted at the door I was swept away by the service, the food, and then the music - I can only describe it as a creative dance that flowed seamlessly and naturally to my total content.

By FRANK BRUNNI - Just Curious, NYC


I got three surprises. I found a fabulous club, where the food was terrific and the music in a high level with Carli and his trio. He is an outstanding pianist and composer who also managed to realize the nearly impossible task of having his own jazz club. Located in Old San Juan , Puerto Rico , Carli's fine bistro & piano has an elegant charm that rivals any jazz club in the world.

- Eddie Gómez, world renowned jazz bassist

“… Carli demonstrates a depth and diversity of musical understanding, and creativity, bolstered by his ample technique. Right away, we sense his solid sense of time, and well developed ability to swing and float above the rhythm section. Carli’s solos, indeed his music, breathe deeply and healthily. There is an indescribable balance – one that highly developed players express through music. His approach is steeped in the rich history of the grand tradition of this music, and augmented by the lessons of such masters as Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Jarrett and Hancock.”

-Winthrop Bedford, Reviews / Jazz Improv Magazine

“… You might not expect to hear much in the way of great jazz from a pianist who played keyboards behind the Beach Boys for more than a decade – and who spends much of his energy these days running a restaurant in Puerto Rico. But Carli Munoz is a revelation.”

-Paul Blair- Hot House NYC, HOT FLASHES

The pianists of a certain age who play fabulously yet have lived in obscurity for half of their careers are legion. A few years ago we discovered the brilliant Marc Copland. Then along came Russ Lossing. And now here's Munoz, a dizzyingly impressive player who sounds in his prime even though no longer in the first flush of youth..."

-Kevin Le Gendre, Jazz Wise UK

"... Not the fierce, manic joy of a Bud Powell or the serene joy of Bill Evans on a good night, but just plain joy -- with every note he (Munoz) plays you get the impression that he's thrilled to be playing and feels blessed to be where he is."

-Rick Anderson /All-Music Guide

"Free association on this musical level, in any genre, is more than a rare charm."

-Van Dyke Parks, workd renowned recording artist producer and composer.

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