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Ian Malinow (2004). Portfolio / The San Juan Star. San Juan , P.R.

"The desire to help the masses on the island better appreciate jazz has united the artistic expressions of Old San Juan's "piano man" and those of a pioneering Puerto Rican bassit bred in NY whose resume includes playing with Miles Davis and Bill Evans(.)

(...) the music flows naturally with a comon thread uniting the beautiful melodies, the phrasings and solos. (...) the listener can truly appreciate the brilliance of Gómez and Muñoz' creative and expressive musical dialogue.

For Gómez, his collaboration with Muñoz marks the first step in their plan to push jazz in Puerto Rico (.) Both Sides Now is an impressive album that overflows with originality, fluidity and sentimentality, a truly remarkable artistic offering that gives new meaning to locally-produced jazz".

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