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John Kelman, (2005). All That Jazz

". Virtuosic without being superfluous, Muñoz' playing style matches his writing--direct, unassuming, and to the point."

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Paul Blair- Hot House NYC 2005, HOT FLASHES.

"... You might not expect to hear much in the way of great jazz from a pianist who played keyboards behind the Beach Boys for more than a decade - and who spends much of his energy these days running a restaurant in Puerto Rico . But Carli Munoz is a revelation (.)"

Winthrop Bedford- Jazz Improv Magazine.

". Kudos to Muñoz for inspiring the best from the eminent sidemen that appear with him on his latest album, Maverick."

James Hale, Downbeat Magazine Feb. 2006.

(****four stars)

". here's Muñoz, 57, reuniting bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Jack DeJohnette in a trio with chemistry to burn. The electricity between the three is authentic; most of nine recordings are early takes, captured without rehearsal."

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Kevin Le Gendre (1/2006). Jazz Wise UK

The pianists of a certain age who play fabulously yet have lived in obscurity for half of their careers are legion. A few years ago we discovered the brilliant Marc Copland. Then along came Russ Lossing. And now here's Munoz, a dizzyingly impressive player who sounds in his prime even though no longer in the first flush of youth..."

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Thomas Conrad, Jazz Times, Jan. 2006

Carli Muñoz was born in Puerto Rico, spent 16 years on the Los Angeles rock scene (including 11 with the Beach Boys) and sounds absolutely real playing jazz. He has a crisp attack, a distinctive piano sonority and the unexpected phrasing and note choices of the autodidact. He also plays hard at all tempos. His own tunes are promising frameworks for improvisation, and his covers work. (.) 'In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning' sings because Muñoz's touch makes piano notes pop like small explosions"

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Rick Anderson /All-Music Guide, 2006

".Not the fierce, manic joy of a Bud Powell or the serene joy of Bill Evans on a good night, but just plain joy -- with every note he (Munoz) plays you get the impression that he's thrilled to be playing and feels blessed to be where he is."

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TimeOut New York , MUSIC

"... Pianist Carli Muñoz hails from Puerto Rico, where his Bill Evans-inspired take on contemporary jazz caught the attention of a globetrotting Van Dyke Parks. Muñoz is in town to recreate the knotty lyricism on his new Maverick (Pelosenel Q Lo), and album guests Eddie Gomez and David Sanchez will be on hand to help out. (At the Jazz Standard)"

Dan McClenaghan (14-Nov-05). Allaboutjazz

"... Muñoz's piano sounding crisp and succinct, a mix of delicacy and deft percussive beauty. (.) insistent energy and momentum and marvelous group interplay (.) A truly fine outing. What can you say but... 'Yeah!'"

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Winthrop Bedford (2005). Reviews / Jazz Improv Magazine.

"... Carli demonstrates a depth and diversity of musical understanding, and creativity, bolstered by his ample technique. Right away, we sense his solid sense of time, and well developed ability to swing and float above the rhythm section. (.) Carli's solos, indeed his music, breathe deeply and healthily. There is an indescribable balance - one that highly developed players express through music. His approach is steeped in the rich history of the grand tradition of this music, and augmented by the lessons of such masters as Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Jarrett and Hancock."

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David Miller (22-Nov-05).All That Jazz
". Completely spontaneous, yet perfectly collective. Only kindred spirits can achieve this sort of communication."

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Eddie Gómez, 2003

". He is an outstanding pianist and composer. I think you too will be impressed by Carli Muñoz."

The New York Resident, by Barry Bassis - This week on the town - November 28, 2005

".The trio itself forms a happy marriage, in which there is an ongoing elegant conversation between the piano, bass and drums."

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The Hartford Courant, by Owen McNally

". Carli Munoz on "Maverick" takes a giant step toward gaining recognition in North America as a bona fide jazz pianist. (..) If Munoz's résumé sounds odd for a jazz musician, his collaboration with bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Jack DeJohnette is the real deal. Happily, he isn't some crossover artist seeking jazz cred, or a businessman indulging in Walter Mitty fantasies of jazz keyboard conquests..."

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 J.D. Considine and Bill Murphy, The Lo-Pass Filter (1/2006)

 ".Muñoz weaves a smoky, after-hours vibe on piano, floating like gauze over the lilting grooves of Gomez and DeJohnette, who propel the samba inflections of such gems as "A Cool Night in the City" skyward."

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Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

"An album featuring bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Jack DeJohnette has some strong elements right at the start. But "Maverick" features fine piano work from Carli Munoz and guest visits from sax star David Sanchez and clarinetist Don Byron. Five of the nine tunes are original and are highlighted by Munoz's "Three Little Steps to Heaven," a takeoff on the Miles Davis piece of a similar name. It also features a fluid solo from Byron. But "Entre Nous," with its deceptive rhythm probably is the best of the album."

Jerry D'Souza, 26-Nov-05. All That Jazz

". A thunderous chord, flattened notes, and a rollicking melody turn out to be the calling cards for Carli Muñoz. He gets off to a fine start with "Maverick," underlining his prowess as a pianist with some delightful runs and heady harmonics. (.) Muñoz is a lyrical player. (.) The whole outing comes off in high gear."

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Recording artist/composer, Van Dyke Parks.

"Free association on this musical level, in any genre, is more than a rare charm."

The JazzScribe, San Francisco by Andrew Gilbert.

". In short, Maverick announces in no uncertain terms that Muñoz may well be the most you've never heard exciting fifty-something improviser of."

Local Reviews

Nelson Rodríguez /Latin Beat Magazine, 2005

Another pianist with a bright future ahead of him is Carli Muñoz, whose CD Maverick, with Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJohnette, features Don Byron and David Sánchez. This is straight-up jazz performed by a trío at its best, with marvelous exchanges by the soloists that give you a clear look into Carli Muñoz's composing talents.

Jaime Torres Torres, El Nuevo Día (01/13 /2004), San Juan P.R.

"...I found a fabulous club, where the food was terrific and the music was in a high level with Carli and his trio. We met, we talked, and the different influences on Carli -such as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, and Bud Powell- resulted obvious to me, but most of all I liked the fact that Carli was developing his own voice in jazz, explained Eddie Gómez".

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Jaime Torres Torres, El Nuevo Día (01/16 /2004), San Juan, P.R

"...the audience went dumb to the first cord Carli played at the grand piano..."

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Elmer González, Radio Universidad Web Page / Audiotomía section (01/20/2004).

"Both Sides Now will be a melodic feast which will be highly appreciated by all jazz lovers..."

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Ian Malinow (2004). Portfolio / The San Juan Star. San Juan , P.R.

"... the music flows naturally with a common thread uniting the beautiful melodies, the phrasings and solos. (...) the listener can truly appreciate the brilliance of Gómez and Muñoz' creative and expressive musical dialogue."


Jorge Meléndez. (2003). Escenario / El Vocero; San Juan, P.R.

"Both Sides Now (.) is a jazz jewel in the whole sense of the word (.) pours cohesion, fluidity, feelings and a symbiosis between the Puerto Rican protagonists as you haven't heard them before in a Cd of this style (.). The phrasing, the melody and the dialogue between both artists brings a fresh and curious air to the repertoire".

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