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Carli's Fine Bistro & Piano

I got three surprises. I found a fabulous club, where the food was terrific and the music in a high level with Carli and his trio. He is an outstanding pianist and composer who also managed to realize the nearly impossible task of having his own jazz club. Located in Old San Juan , Puerto Rico , Carli's fine bistro & piano has an elegant charm that rivals any jazz club in the world.

- Eddie Gómez, world renowned jazz bassist

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wine.jpgTonight!  Always live music as annaunced: Jazz, Brazilian or Classic Rock

Live music nightly

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Carli Muñoz

A word from Carli: Remembering oppening night in 1998


I remember coming back from my apartment in Old San Juan on opening night and when I saw all the people dining at the terrace and in the dining room I said to my friend, "who are all this people in my house!"

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4 times Chef's Hat Award winner


For four consecutive years Carli's Fine Bistro & Piano has been the recipient of the Table's Chef Hat Award. This Award honors a dozen of Puerto Rico's finest chefs once a year. As a restauratour, this year Carli Muñoz was inducted into the Tables Magazine Hall of Fame.

Salmon with Linguine

Jazz never tasted so good!

Great Food, Fantastic Music (from TripAdvisor)

If you search Carli Munoz on Google you will find references to his time with the Beach Boys, Wilson Pickett, and others in rock but if you dig deeper you will find comments that Carli is one of the 2-3 best jazz pianists currently playing and a name in jazz that deserves to be heard. Carli Cafe provides...

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Nightly entertainment


Join us for live jazz nightly from 8:00 PM on... Imagine a place where original jazz flows from a Steinway grand piano and fuses seamlessly with the great American songbook and classic Spanish boleros genres and styles, like ...

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Celebrities at Carli's


From Al Jarreou to The Beach Boys and many jazz stars it is not uncommon to find big celebrities converging at Carli's. Many are Carli Muñoz's old friends from the touring days in California.

Walking in Old San Juanshopping-in-old-san-juan.jpg

Imagine coming to port to the docks of Old San Juan – imagine the sight, the view of the colorful old city encrusted within the walls of the 16 century fortress. As you step from a cruiser ...

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On going photo exhibition


At Carli's art is a constant. Wheather it is photographic or plastic arts exhibition, it is always present.

claqueta.jpgCarli Muñoz's Videos


Time Remembered

Tujunga Waltz

Wine Tastings

Top Notch Dining with world class live Jazz -
The only one of its kind.



About Carli's Café Fine Bistro & Piano

Carli's fine bistro & piano located in the heart of historic Old San Juan Puerto Rico, was born on December 27, 2003 as a place where locals and international patrons could gather to enjoy a unique live musical and fine dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nested on the plaza level of the historic art deco Banco Popular building, Carli's warm and artistic vibe will charm you while you savor exotic assortments of gourmet tapas and exquisite international entrees, or sip on your favorite martini from our classic bar on our main room or under the stars with a view of the San Juan Bay from our open terrace.

Today, Carli’s not only continues to grow, but has excelled in the art of fine dining and live jazz entertainment, without sacrificing the comfort of casual elegance and competitive pricing.

Staff wise, we have been fortunate enough to embroider a tight nit family. On that account we have committed ourselves to the mission of “creating a joyous, exciting and professional environment in which our guest will enjoy an excellent dining experience accompanied by superb live music and service”.

We at Carli's fine bistro & piano pledge to live up to our mission of excellence.

Buen Provecho,

Carli, Jim and Staff

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On Fridays: Live jazz Trio from 8:00 pm

New every Thurdsday, from 8:00pm

Come to our beautiful open terrace! Enjoy people watching, sipping your fave drink, or in full dinning with a view of the bay -- the best spot in Old San Juan!

Available at Carli's

Carli Munoz's new pop rock Cd release:

In My Soul

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In My Soul

Carli Muñoz, critically acclaimed Puerto Rican jazz pianist/composer, has released his highly anticipated rock debut LP, “In My Soul.” The album is composed of 11 tracks making it a wonderfully comprehensive release for Muñoz's first collection of rock music. The inception of the record stretches back to the 1960s when Muñoz first composed its heart and “soul.”

Muñoz has played or recorded with notables such as The Beach Boys, George Benson, Les McCann, Chico Hamilton, Wilson Pickett, Wayne Henderson, Charles Lloyd, Peter Cetera and Evie Sands.

“In My Soul” is one of the most refined rock albums the industry has seen in years, chock full of intelligence, emotion and groove. Music fans can wrap their ears around Carli Muñoz's one-and-only rock masterpiece beginning February 8, 2013, available online worldwide.

S. McCauley

You may also purchase this CD autographed by Carli, contacting Carli directly at:

The Dean of Elation with words:

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